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Title: O Museu do Trem do Rio de Janeiro: Uma análise da exposição de longa duração
Authors: Costa, Jessica Moraes Tavares da
metadata.dc.contributor.banca: Rangel, Aparecida Marina de Souza (orientadora)
Cabral, Eula (FCRB)
Baraçal, Anaildo (Unirio)
Keywords: Museu do Trem – Rio de Janeiro (RJ);Rede Ferroviária Federal;Museologia;Comunicação em museus
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Costa, Jessica Moraes Tavares da
Abstract: The following study starts from the panoramic discussion of the railway heritage to give visibility to the issues faced by the Train Museum of Rio de Janeiro. The proposed objectives for this research were the exhibition circuit analysis of the space quoted and a diagnostic with focus on the museological communication process, taking the fields of Museology, Patrimony and Memory the theoretical references that supported the assumptions raised. The trajectory of the Train Museum reflects the paradoxical relationship of the public power with the patrimonial assets, in the measure in which it intends to the preservation of the same ones by the creation of legal devices, but do not endow them with the necessary conditions for the full operation. As part of the methodology, interviews and technical visits were made, fundamental to the construction of the diagnosis and understanding of the singularities of a space with great communication potential among the different publics, in view of the appeal of the subject matter. The product of this research is an expographic proposal that aims to contribute with the museological communication of the Train Museum of Rio de Janeiro making it more effective and compatible with the importance that this space has in the cultural scene.
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