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Title: Ciência, política e reforma sanitária nas páginas da revista Saúde em Debate (1970-1980)
Other Titles: Science, policy and sanitary reform in the pages of Saúde em Debate journal (1970-1980)
Authors: Sophia, Daniela Carvalho
Teixeira, Luiz Antonio
Keywords: História;Publicações periódicas;Publicações científicas e técnicas;Sociedades
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Rio de Janeiro: Centro Brasileiro de Estudos de Saúde, 2014
Citation: SOPHIA, Daniela Carvalho; TEIXEIRA, Luiz Antonio. Ciência, política e reforma sanitária nas páginas da revista Saúde em Debate (1970-1980). Saúde em Debate, Rio de Janeiro, v. 38, n. 102, jul./set. 2014, p. 416-428.
Abstract: In 1976, emerges the Brazilian Center of Health Studies, having as its main objectives, to encourage researches about health and to promote them. Since its creation, the institution stands up for changes in health politics and presents a project to a reformation in the Brazilian public health. The study analyses the Saúde em Debate, journal published by the Center, examining its main features, its running as a dissemination vehicle of academic knowledge and the form in which its columnists had safeguarded the project of a sanitation reform. This paper examines the first 12 years of the magazine, having as point of arrival the consecration of the Health Unified System.
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