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Title: Cildo Meireles - Frederico Morais: sobre arte e crítica
Authors: Paiva, Stefania
metadata.dc.contributor.banca: Sussekind, Flora (orientadora)
Lopes, Antônio Herculano (FCRB)
Venancio Filho, Paulo (EBA/UFRJ)
Keywords: Arte contemporânea;Crítica de arte;Frederico Morais
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Paiva, Stefania
Abstract: The study discusses the relationship and limits between art criticism and artistic production, based on the experience of the critic Frederico Morais and the artist Cildo Meireles. This dissertation unfolds in a product in the form of a book, where I bring together a selection of texts and interviews carried out by Frederico Morais never grouped before , as well as an updated conversation with the participation of both. With this work, I seek to contribute to the discussion about their work. The observance of the trajectories of Frederico Morais and Cildo Meireles reveals that the practice of both was always in line with the transformations of art, connected to world trends. They are mainly contemporary productions, which went beyond their time and which manage to translate to this day several cultural, social and political issues.
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