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Title: O palácio e o mobiliário: ostentação e requinte do Palácio das Laranjeiras
Authors: Algebaile, Simone Carvalhar Damasceno
metadata.dc.contributor.banca: Rangel, Aparecida Marina de Souza (orientadora)
Santos, Ana Maria Pessoa dos (coorientadora)
Soares, Maria Luísa Ramos de Oliveira (FCRB)
Cunha, Almir Paredes (UFRJ)
Keywords: Palácio das Laranjeiras (Rio de Janeiro, RJ);Guinle, Eduardo;Palácios - Rio de Janeiro (RJ);Inventários de bens móveis
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Algebaile, Simone Carvalhar Damasceno
Abstract: This research aims to contribute to safeguard the collection of Laranjeiras Palace, considered as an integrated element in the interior decoration of the palace, also in towards preparing an inventory focused on its furniture. To this end, it presents biographical features and Eduardo Guinle's motivations for the constitution of the building and its collections. The work articulates chronological information about various interventions performed in the Palace and its collection, from its implementation to the present day, with the characteristics and specificities of the pieces, as well as their arrangement in their original environments. The inventory resulting from this study will be an important instrument for the security and safeguard activities of the collection and is the starting point for a future virtual database. In addition, this systematization will enable more complex projects involving the development of digital asset management tools
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