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Title: Conservação programada de jardins históricos experiências inglesas versus perspectivas brasileiras
Authors: Furriel, Marcia
Carvalho, Claudia Suely Rodrigues de
Keywords: Planos de conservação;Conservação programada;Wrest Park. Kew Gardens
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Rio de Janeiro : Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, 2015
Citation: FURRIEL, Marcia; CARVALHO, Claudia Suely Rodrigues. Conservação programada de jardins históricos experiências inglesas versus perspectivas brasileiras. In: PESSOA, Ana (Org.); FASOLATO, Douglas (Org.); ANDRADE, Rubens de (Org.). Jardins históricos: a cultura, as práticas e os instrumentos de salvaguarda de espaços paisagísticos. Rio de Janeiro: Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, 2015. p. 188-201.
Abstract: This paper deals with the development of conservation plans for historic gardens, intervention models that have emerged in conjunction with the very formalization of the concept of historic garden as a specific kind of heritage. This formalization was made through specialized European committees meetings for discussion of the topic and, set aside, within the British academics about their own concept of heritage. These meetings generated a guidance document related to the work with historic gardens, the Florence Charter, which served as a model for European action and later was spread and supported internationally. However, other approaches against historic gardens have been taken in the UK, considering the historic garden as a constantly evolving process and development, not only as an historic document. Within this approach, the British example has unique characteristics, especially in what concerns to planning a long-term upkeep plan for a historic garden. It is through this aspect that is presented in this paper two case studies, where conservation management plans are of special importance for the preservation and intervention in historic gardens. From this analysis, it is studied the context and contribution of these practices in the project of Revitalization and Restoration of the Garden of the Casa de Rui Barbosa, who is currently in development at FCRB and will be one of the pioneers in Brazil related to conservation works in historical gardens
ISBN: 978-85-7004-329-0
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