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Title: Gestão de acervos: análise de gerenciamento de acervos museológicos no estado do Rio de Janeiro.
Authors: Ghelman, Laura Regina Coutinho
metadata.dc.contributor.banca: Profa. Dra. Margareth da Silva (Orientadora) - Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa; Profa. Dra. Aparecida Rangel - Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa; Profa. Dra. Junia Guimarães - Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: Acervo;Coleção;Gestão;Gestão de acervos;Museu
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2018
Publisher: Rio de Janeiro: Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, 2018
Citation: Ghelman, Laura Regina Coutinho
Abstract: This research proposes to reflect on the collection’s management in museological institutions. It is understood preservation as a global action, the work explores the key role of collection’s management and all the procedures that involve it. The Superintendency of Museums (SMU) of the Secretary of State for Culture of Rio de Janeiro (SEC / RJ) will be presented, and the Ingá’s Museum, a museum unit used as a basis for the observation of collection’s management. The Laboratory of Conservation (LACON) and the Web of Museums of Rio de Janeiro will be presented and analyzed, as well as the museum unit, using the Museum Management System (SISGAM) of the Superintendency of Museums (SMU) as a tool for collection’s management. The museum's collection management procedures will be observed from the minimum standards stipulated by the SPECTRUM Museum Collection Management Standard, an internationally standardized British model. For the accomplishment of the work, a review of the literature on the themes of museological management, collection management and museological documentation was reviwed.
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