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Title: Identificação do patrimônio documental arquivístico do município de Angra dos Reis, RJ: o guia do APERJ e a ISDIAH como base do instrumento de pesquisa
Authors: Soares, Martha Myrrha Ribeiro
metadata.dc.contributor.banca: Rodrigues, Ana Célia (orientadora)
Knauss, Paulo (UFF e MHN)
Silva, Margareth da (FCRB)
Keywords: Patrimônio documental arquivístico;Normas e técnicas arquivísticas;Arquivo Púbico Municipal;Angra dos Reis
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Rio de Janeiro: Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, 2018
Citation: Soares, Martha Myrrha Ribeiro
Abstract: Reserch about Historic archives identification processes, in the city of Angra dos Reis, located at Costa Verde area in Rio de Janeiro State. Treats about what institutions with archival holdings are available to the public in the city. The main goal was to developed a study about the archival documental patrimony in Angra dos Reis as a contribuition to the public policies for municipal archives. The specific goals were: to approach the archives theorics foundations and the public policies for municipal archives as memory rights and information access, identify the archival documental heritage and the entities archival documental custodians in the city and elaborate a diagnostic about de archival documental heritage in Angra dos Reis. Presents the archivals in the context of public policies of culture in Brazil. Discuss the municipal archives considering the theorical field about memory and records data. Presents the origins, concepts and attribuits by the archives and define the strategic role of city public archival. Review the documental patrimony concept inspired on archives concepts to mark the documental archival heritage. Treats about what institutions with archival holdings are available to the public in the city. Demonstrate the relevance of the archival identification and description processes with the goal to strengthen the National Archival System (SINAR). Studies the pattern of description for the entities documental custodians applied by the Guia do Patrimônio Documental do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, produced and publicided by Arquivo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (APERJ), in 1997. Exposes the internacional norm ISDIAH to define a reserch instrument to identify the municipal archival patrimony to apply on municipal institutions with archival holdings. Presents a brief historical about the Angra dos Reis city, based on his local historiografy. As a result, presents the entities identified by the Guia do APERJ and, based on ISDIAH, updated and insert news institutions with historic archives.
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