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Title: As coleções museológicas do Arquivo-Museu de Literatura Brasileira
Authors: Rangel, Rosângela Florido
Brasil, Zenilda Ferreira
Keywords: Museu;Literatura;Documentação museológica;Preservação
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Rio de Janeiro : Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, 2018.
Citation: RANGEL, Rosângela Florido; BRASIL, Zenilda Ferreira. As coleções museológicas do Arquivo-Museu de Literatura Brasileira. Memória e Informação, Rio de Janeiro, v. 2, n. 1, p. 16-18, jan./jun. 2018.
Abstract: The Brazilian Museum Archive of Literature (AMLB), Division of Memory and Information Center of the Rui Barbosa House Foundation (FCRB/MinC), is responsible for the preservation of Brazilian literary memory, through its archival and museum collections. In recent years, museum collections have been organizing their documentation. The AMLB has the mission of keeping alive the ideals of its mentor - Carlos Drummond de Andrade - to preserve the brazilian written tradition and establish a constant dialogue among the collections. The AMLB trajectory demonstrates its importance as a research institution. For many years it organized exhibitions that extolled brazilian literary production, generating several catalogs. Currently, it is preparing to produce the first catalog of medals and condecorations of it museological collection. Over forty-five years, the AMLB saw its museum collection triple and dispersed due to lack of space, generating , in the present day, the need to unify its objects forming a cohesive set. Given this expansion, it is essential that the AMLB is structured, defining a politic of acquisition and disposal for its collections. The AMLB wants to return to occupy its space in the museological scene, taking back the commemorative exhibitions using its collections. With the treatment of its museological collections, AMLB envisions the possibility of creating its own identity through the elaboration of a logo. With the organized documentation it is possible to think about the creation of the virtual museum of the AMLB, providing information and images of documents and objects in the institutional page of the FCRB. In the face of important collections, the AMLB requires space for a long-term exhibition, adding its collections, as conceived by Drummond, and presenting to brazilian society a Archive-Museum, with all the activities inherent. to it.
ISSN: 2594-7095
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