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Title: A UNIRIO e o arquivo pessoal de Guilherme Figueiredo: a aquisição de acervos arquivísticos privados por instituições públicas de ensino superior
Authors: Sousa, Alice Veridiana
metadata.dc.contributor.banca: Prof. Dr. José Almino de Alencar e Silva (orientador) - Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa; Profa. Dra. Ana Maria Pessoa dos Santos - Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa; Prof. Dr. João Marcus Figueiredo de Assis - Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.
Keywords: Arquivos pessoais;Política de aquisição;Guilherme de Figueiredo;UNIRIO
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2019
Abstract: Motivated by the donation of the personal archive of its former Rector Guilherme de Figueiredo to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) in 2014, the present research uses this institutional act as an empirical field to shed light on both the procedural nature of this, and on the demands that are triggered, in the administrative scope, from the acquisition and receipt of a personal archive. In this way, it proposes to think about the pertinence of an acquisition of this nature, due to the relation of the profile of the archive with the institutional objectives and mission, as well as the need for technical processing, preservation and promotion of the same. It analyzes the directions of governmental nature and the public policies around them. It discusses issues that directly impact on the scientific, academic and cultural uses foreseen for this type of archive, when the acquisition takes place in an institution that does not have the guard as its main objective. In this sense, it points out aspects such as the need for adequate space, financial resources and specific technical and human resources for their management, as well as their place in the institution's organizational structure, in view of the need to delegate responsibilities to fulfill the ongoing custody process. From the experience of guarding institutions, it highlights the need for institutional planning regarding the expansion of archival informational capital. It records the need for elaboration and adoption of specific procedures and suggests a guideline model for the acquisition of personal files with the purpose of subsidizing both the administrative rite and the decision making of this nature, since the social return of this documentary heritage is intrinsically linked to the decisions prior to its receipt.
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