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Title: As vozes e a memória do silêncio: a importância da atuação dos museus na reconstituição e na preservação da memória surda
Authors: Albuquerque, Roberta Silva Vilariño Aguilera
metadata.dc.contributor.banca: Prof. Dra. Eliane Vasconcellos (Orientadora) - Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa; Prof. Dra. Soraia Farias Reolon Pereira - Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa; Prof. Dr. Armando Guimarães Nembri - Escola Nacional de Ciências Estatísticas/Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística
Keywords: Memória;Preservação;Acessibilidade;Surdez
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2018
Publisher: Rio de Janeiro: Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, 2018
Citation: Albuquerque, Roberta Silva Vilariño Aguilera
Abstract: This dissertation deals with the importance of the role of museums in the reconstitution and preservation of deaf memory and makes a comparison between actions developed in the counties of Rio de Janeiro and Jequié, in the interior of Bahia, which is recognized a pole in the education of the deaf. Therefore, the work traces the historical trajectory of the community of deaf and hearing deficiency people and of the difficulties of recognition of the Brazilian Sign Language – Libras – as official language, making Brazil officially have two languages (Libras and Portuguese). Language and language issues are addressed briefly and introductory to future researches. The research brings the main legislation and norms about accessibility, an issue intrinsically related to the theme, besides statistical information, including some elaborated especially for the work. Finally, it presents initiatives that seek to promote accessibility fully and preserve the memory of the deaf community, as well as the testimony of deaf and listeners professionals who carry out significant actions in the deafness area.
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